General Transformer

DRYING AND IMPREGNATION The CTs and PTs are assembled and dried in specially built pressure chamber under high vacuum conditions. When the moisture is totally removed in this process, the Instrument transformers are impregnated in vacuum with dried filtered transformer oil. An air pocket is left above oil to take care of volumetric expansion of oil. This gap is filled with dried nitrogen gas through non-returnable valve. Depending on the customer’s requirement, we will also provide SS bellows to take care of above.

Outdoor Oil Cooled Instrument transformers are hermetically sealed


Porcelain hollow bushings with Brown or Grey glaze conforming to international standards are used with required creepage levels in our transformers. Metal flanges embedded in the collar on either side are used. Nitryl rubber gaskets on either side collar are used to achieve a longer life.


As we have in house fabrication facilities, tanks to suit our requirement is fabricated by us. Tanks are tested for their leak proof qualities before assembly. Special attention is paid in tank design to control excessive temperature rise in case of high Current carrying transformers. These ranks are painted or HOT DIP Galvanised as per the customer specifications.


Testing lab is equipped with modern equipments to conduct all routine test. Partial discharge test is conducted on routine basis on all instrument transformers to check quality of insulation after manufacture. Tan delta value also is measured on routine basis. Our internal testing lab is well equipped with latest technology and testing equipments to carry out all the routine test as per IS/IEC.

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