Voltage Transformer

The purpose and function of a Voltage transformer is almost like that of a current transformer except that high voltages are transformed to manageable low voltages to operate metering and protective systems. Generally Volatage Transformeris like a power transformer directly connected to a system line. Separate windings are provided for a metering and protection with different accuracies and voltagfactor required for various applications.

We at Suman Controls manufacture the class of cores also.

DESIGN Suman Controls P Ltd manufactures the following types of voltage transformers.

Single Pole (Neutral Earthed)
Double Pole(Line to Line)33KV
Three phase (Neutral Floating/Earthed) up to 33KV

On request from users voltage factors varying from 1.2 to 1.9 continuous are offered to suit various system earthing conditions.


Primary and Secondary winding
Electromagnetic Core (Yoke)
Tank and Space for oil Expansion
Hollow Porcelain bushing

PRIMARY and SECONDARY WINDING Modified polyester enamelled copper wires used for winding of primary and secondary. At all stages of winding, care is taken to protect winding to avoid high surge and high voltage stress.

ELECTROMAGNETIC CORE (YOKE) CRGO silicon steel laminations are used for core stack and shell type is used to minimize leakage reactance. Very low flux densities are adopted to obtain optimum accuracies.

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